Urban Soul is an award winning Black Empowerment Communications Company established in 1999. We currently employ eight consultants on a full and part time basis, with an equal gender and racial complement of skilled personnel.

Urban Soul has been a fore leader in pioneering popular communications strategies and in utilising ethnographic and visual anthropology techniques when articulating our client’s messages. Urban Soul has 16 years experience in Public Relations, popular communication methodologies, and development communications strategies. With an in-house production division of film production, sound production and print facilities, Urban Soul is self-contained and able to design and produce  from concept to final product across the multi-media platforms.

Heading up our team is Greg Davids, our Managing Director, a writer, director and producer with 25 years in the communications and project management environment. Greg has helped pioneer several popular communications strategies, which ensure that our client’s projects are conceived with innovation and creative vision.

We think outside the box because we never knew there was a box to begin with“…
Greg Davids, Managing Director


Our project team always includes one consultant who is a specialist in the subject/area we are contracted to design interventions for, and is sourced from our extensive and longstanding associate network base.