Logistical Excellence – A good project lives by its ability to be well executed.

An essential component of any project or campaign is sound planning and its proper design, management and execution guarantee a successful outcome. Urban Soul’s turnkey capacity for sound logistical management makes it a respected name among suppliers of this service.

 Urban Soul has extensive experience as logistical planners on a regional, national and international scale. This experience and knowledge gives us distinct advantages in how to successfully manage multi-billion rand projects across cities, provinces, countries, continents and other barriers, tapping into our considerable network of support and services across numerous areas of supply and demand.

Our projects have covered logistically intense projects, from filming in the Antarctic and Arctic regions, involving government agencies, various disciplines and advanced sophisticated equipment, to the management of several long-term projects over large geographical distances, which included the employment and training of large personnel. Our stakeholder groups have represented racial, economic, language and cultural backgrounds throughout the 9 provinces of South Africa.

A thorough understanding of the project and the ability to plan a well structured but flexible programme through good engagement of stakeholders are essential.

We manage projects that require rapid response and are subject to pressures of time. We seek creative solutions to blockages and hurdles and “roll with the punches”, delivering on time and within budget, mindful always of the trust and care our clients invest in us to realize the success of their projects.