We design and provide communications strategies for private and public sector business. We manage communications strategies across all major communications platforms, from digital online marketing, to television, radio and newsprint. Our knowledge of- and experience with and within local and international media, and relationships with role players and stakeholders in this sector, give us a distinct advantage and understanding of how to get the message across, when, where and who to.

Urban Soul does not just broadcast the message; we are integral to the development of the concept. We utilise our familiarity with and our extensive network in print, radio, television and social media to ensure the appropriate coverage of your event.

We use our creative yet professional approach to provide unique public relations concepts and strategies tailor-made for your business.

Formulation of PR Campaigns

The PR campaign defines and sets everything that we do throughout every stage of the campaign to generate positive coverage for your business.  Combining different ideas and approaches, we formulate unique strategies to run a successful campaign tailor-made for your business.